What is Gliide?

Gliide is a cleantech chauffeur service set to shape the transportation of tomorrow.

Built from the ground up with intelligent cloud dispatch, our fully integrated 100% electric fleet brings sustainable transport to London. We’re moving forward, come along for the ride.

Tomorrows service, today.

  • Smart Dispatch

    Our Intelligent Dispatch Technology automates the dispatch process, predicting when you are going to book before you do. The result: a car where you need, when you need it.

  • Preferred Driver Scheme

    Your Preferred Driver learns your preferences over time. No directions, requests, or explanations necessary. Just a reliable, friendly face every time.

  • Built for Business

    An effortless, tailored booking platform. Quickly & efficiently manage all of your organisation’s transportation needs. Saving you time to focus on the important things.

  • Green without the 'Green' Premium

    Helping organisations reduce their environmental impact. Contributing directly to the modernisation of sustainable transport (at no extra cost to a traditional chauffeur service).

  • Transparent Pricing

    Our pricing is clear and concise - we provide fixed quotes up front. No surge pricing, hidden costs, or peak-time premiums.

  • 5-Star Service

    An assurance of consistency, reliability, and superior service for all passengers time after time.

London Tesla Taxi Service

Ways to book

  • Book on-demand
    Download our mobile app and book a ride with a few clicks on the go - secure cashless payment and upfront quotes provided.

  • Pre-booking and much more
    Our online portal allows you to get a quote and book a ride in advance, you can also track expenditure and invite employees to expense their travel to your business.


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